What can you design and do for my business?
Anything which you can dream of or think of in your wildest fantasies.

What do you offer me regarding website design?
Professional web design and web design futures… We design and develop your website to meet Google’s search engine needs and requirements. All website design is made legally.

How do you design and build my website?
We get in contact with you, Discuss on a website theme and how it should look like and build it. During the building phase we will contact you many times to see if our current progress on the website is what you want and expected.

Will I see my website in the building phase and can I change what I don’t need or like?
Yes, you will be able to view your website from start to finish and make requests as you please.

How long will my website take to build?

We will give you an indication together with the free quote. Further, it depends what you want and need and how willing you are to assist us if we need certain details from you to add on the website. Example we could have completed a website in 2 days but due to the lack of owner’s teamwork it took us more than 2 months to complete it because of a few images we needed from him.

I have seen a templates website, which I like… if I buy the template can you develop the template for me?
Yes we can develop the templates just for you to meet your needs and requirements.

Do you design and re-design logos for websites?

Do you design internationally?

Do you offer service / maintenance and marketing packages?

Should I have any problems with my web design, hosting, servicing, etc. who can I contact?
You can contact us and we will assist you as soon as possible. With accurate and professional answers to your inquiries.